API Overview

This is meant to be a quick overview to understand the general shape of Flocks. For a more detailed understanding, please see the Flocks Docs.


  • flocks.createClass - an analogue of React.createClass which adds flocks.plumbing to a React component spec automatically
  • flocks.mount(config, state) - accepts a config and a dataset; mounts your root control; returns an updating function; triggers the Flocks lifecycle
    • handler - a validation gateway function which can refuse an update
    • finalizer - a function called after any update
  • flocks.plumbing - A mixin which is added to controls to provide fctx and fset()

Setting values

  • this.fset(key, value) - set a key in the Flocks context to a value.
  • this.fset_path(path, value) - set a path to a value in the Flocks context.

Getting values - the Flocks Context

  • this.fctx - where your Flocks application's state is found
  • this.get_path(path) - get the value at a path - occasionally useful as the dual of .set_path


  • isArray(maybeArray) - tests whether a value is an array
  • isUndefined(maybeArray) - tests whether a value is an array
  • isNonArrayObject(maybeArray) - tests whether a value is an object which is also not an array
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