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gulpfile Class

Flocks gulpfile.




This unbound blockless step installs the node-jsx loader to convert statics. This is not actually a method and cannot be called.



gulp add manually adds the ./lib, the ./dist, the ./reports, and the ./test trees, as well as the files gulpfile.js, bower.json, package.json, and the standard README and LICENSE.

The reason for these monkeyshines, instead of an add . with an exclusion, is that the NPM path depth bug prevents the exclusion from working correctly on windows (gee thanks node.)

gulp add invokes default.


gulp build invokes minify. Other build steps will be here soon.


gulp bump uses gulp-bump to set the version number of the package.json and bower.json files to match the version number emitted by the library.

bump has no dependencies.


gulp clean will remove the ./doc, ./dist, and ./reports directories, in the expectation that they will be remade by the gulp process.

clean has no dependencies.


gulp default (or just gulp) will invoke test, docs, and sloc.


gulp docs will generate the documentation through yuidoc.

docs will invoke clean and bump.


gulp lint will run the linting engine on the gulpfile, on lib/flocks.jsx, and on dist/flocks.js. Obviously the minified version is not linted. :D

lint has no dependencies.


gulp minify will run post-transpiled flocks.js through closure compiler to produce flocks.min.js.

minify will invoke clean and transpile.


gulp publish invokes default, tag, and push.


gulp push pushes origin to master on github.

gulp push invokes tag.


gulp sloc runs the gulp-sloc plugin twice - once to show the sloc report, and once to dump it to disk in ./reports.

sloc will invoke build.


gulp tag issues a git tag matching the current flocks version, in order to support the auto-update scripts for cdnjs.

gulp tag invokes default and add.


gulp test invokes build, vows, and lint.


gulp transpile will use gulp-jsx to convert the flocks library flocks.jsx file to its flocks.js form for publishing on the CDN.

transpile will invoke clean.


gulp vows will uses gulp-shell to issue the command npm test to run the vows tests on gulp. This is done with an npm script so that other tooling will pick it up automatically.

This is a support task; you should gulp test instead.

vows has no dependencies.