Flocks Rocks!

Flocks is an application layer for React; Flocks fulfills the same role and worldview as Flux, but with a radically different (and simpler) implementation strategy.

You can be up and running in five minutes. 😍

What is Flocks?

Flocks is an application layer for React. The purpose of Flocks is to make application development simple and straightforward, by providing basic tools for state management and mounting.

The central goal of Flocks is extreme simplicity.

Read more at the What is Flocks? page.

Where can I get Flocks?

  1. From its github page
  2. On NPM
  3. From Cloudflare's CDNjs

How about usage examples?

Flocks has an examples page to get you started.

Where's the documentation?

  1. There's generated documentation from the source.
  2. There's an API overview to get a fast understanding of the general tools available.
  3. Tutorials are on their way soon!

Is there a community?

Come catch us on the Flocks IRC channel and find out!

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